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 The three houses 

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All Destinations in Thailand
All Destinations in Thailand
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If you are planning a trip to Thailand and looking for a room on your business trip, holiday or family holiday, you are at the right place. We offer the biggest collection of hotels and resorts in Thailand ranging from budget rooms, beauteous resorts, luxury hotels and service apartments at the best deal. Our dedicated professional team are pleased to make your trip the utmost enjoyable time with the fast response. Please let us know your request, we will do the rest.

Bangkok Hotels
The capital city of Thailand, known as one of the world's most exciting cities with world class facilities.
Hua Hin Hotels
Hua Hin
The oldest resort town of Thailand with the unique charm of the old days - small but cosy.
Pattaya Hotels
Thailand's premier beach destination. Spend your days under the sun with the variety of entertainment and beach activities.
Phuket Hotels
The largest island of Thailand is a world-class destination. Full of well-appointed accom, choices of entertainment and great food.
Koh Chang Hotels
Koh Chang
For those who's seeking an escape to a virgin tropical island. Diving, kayaking, trekking and all beach activities are available.
Koh Samui Hotels
Koh Samui
This most popular island consists of pristine sandy beaches, waterfalls and plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops.
Koh Samet Hotels
Koh Samed
This small island is well-known for its fine powdery beach and clear sea.
Krabi Hotels
The hidden paradise for those who love sun, sea, kayaking, diving and rock climbling. Nowhere to compare.
Cha-Am Hotels
A seaside town with resorts lying along the long sandy beach. Only 2 hours from Bangkok.
Koh Lanta Hotels
Koh Lanta
Heaven island of Andaman Sea. Plenty with forest, coral reefs and under water life.
Chiang Mai Hotels
Chiang Mai
An old city with proud history, thousands of temples, beautiful mountains and good manner of hospitality.
Khao Lak Hotels
Khao Lak
Located just north of Phuket Island. Most peaceful resort destinations. The stretch of coastline with beaches that go on for miles.
Mae Hong Son Hotels
Mae Hong Son
Where you can experience living on high among the natures and learning the folk life of hilltribes.
Koh Tao Hotels
Koh Tao
Well-known for its diving places. People from around the world gather here to enjoy diving, snorkeling and sandy beaches.
Ayutthaya Hotels
One of the major tourist attractions. Visitors to Ayutthaya experience traditional Thai lifestyle.
Koh Phi Phi Hotels
Koh Phi Phi
The Phi Phi Island's beaches and the clear water had kept their natural beauty by protection of the National Park status.
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 Über Thailand
 About Thailand


 Der König 
 The King 

 Der Buddhismus 
 The Buddhism 

 Country data 

 Thai phrasebook 

 Travel Guides 

 Die Geschichte 
 The History 



 Customs Regul. 

 Penal provisions 

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 What else?


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