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The Thai kitchen

exotic, sharp, refined, spicy

Chili Peppers

Eating and Drinking in Thailand is an expression of sociability. Like to meet up at one of the many food stalls, the part of the everyday street scene. The country's cuisine is influenced by the geographical location, culture and religion of the country. The wok dishes from China and exotic spices from India have influenced Thai cuisine strongly. Nevertheless, it has a unique and distinctive character.
Regional differences are small. To the north is sticky rice preferred to long-grain rice, in the south, the curries are spiced sharper.
Thai cooking is not always to cook recipes strictly faithful, but improvised and quite cheerful. The recipes are usually passed down from generation to generation verbally.
The sharpness of some foods is significant. So you should work around with the spices sparingly and often season to taste.
Cooked for parties, there is no strict menu consequences, but rather all hot and cold food will be served concurrently. From fresh seafood, meat, fresh vegetables, Fruits and various spices be magically delicious, which is the center of decorative rice grouping.
As drinks preferred either clear water or a cold beer.

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