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Special cooking methods

  • The most important method of cooking in Thailand is the stir-frying in a wok or in a deep pan. The chopped ingredients are constantly stirred in hot fat with a long spatula or oversized chopsticks. The cooking process takes a few minutes and the food remain tender and juicy. Natural flavor and color of the ingredients are retained. Everything goes very fast, all the ingredients must be available before you start cooking
  • Hint:
    Garlic always first to admit finally to the stir-frying because it burns quickly and then tastes bitter.

  • Steaming is the second most important cooking method. In this gentle form of preparation the food retain its own particular aroma, vitamins and minerals are not lost after washout. Fish, meat and poultry are very tender and vegetables retain its structure (with the exception of leafy vegetables) and color.
    As a pot for steaming is to use a large saucepan with a tightly fitting lid. The steamed is placed on a fireproof, deep bowl, which one is in the middle of the pot. On the two sides to remain for the circulation of the steam. The bowl should stand up to 2/3 in the boiling water.
    For further Dämpfmethode requires a shallow dish which is placed on a grate and is thus available over the boiling water in the steam. It is important for all methods for steaming that the water in the pot boils bubbly, as soon as that is to be steamed inside provided. Then the heat is reduced to the extent that the water remains just above the boiling point.

  • For braising using a larger pot with tight fitting lid. The food is first seared short and strong in hot fat, then some liquid is cooked poured in and covered over low heat. Braising is particularly fat cuts of meat.

  • For deep-frying or baking a deep fryer is ideal. Thais usually use a wok, which can also be replaced by a deep pan or a pot. The food is floating fried in vegetable oil (eg, peanut, sunflower or soybean oil). The fat is heated to 180 degrees.
  • Tip:
    Whether the fat has reached the right temperature, it can be established by a short wooden sticks into the hot oil dipped-foam upthis is the correct temperature is reached.

    It should always be baked only in small quantities at a time, so that the oil temperature does not drop too low. The oil should not be used more often than two or three times for deep frying.

  • Food is grilled in Thailand no charcoal grills made of clay. The food, mostly meat, fish and chicken are usually marinated beforehand in a mixture of oil, soy sauce and spices. A famous barbecue specialty is satay skewers.

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