Baan Boon Houses in Ban Tai at Koh Pha-ngan

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Basic food

  • Rice is the food par excellence in Thailand - the center of every meal. To the rice bowl grouped with a meal the different foods. Suitable are white, long grain rice, Thai jasmine rice and Indian basmati rice. For 4 people, you count about 350 grams of rice.

  • Sticky rice, a short grain rice is the main food in north and northeast Thailand. Otherwise, it is mostly used for desserts. It becomes sticky when cooked.

  • Corn starch is used to bind sauces.

  • Rice flour is made from long grain rice. It serves as a binder or for dough. As a replacement are suitable corn or potato starch.

  • Tapioca flour is made from cassava. From Thai cuisine, it is not indispensable. It can be replaced with corn or potato starch.

  • Rice noodles are made from rice flour. There are three different varieties: white thin noodles need to be soaked wider noodles that are boiled in water and fresh, already cooked rice noodles.

  • Glaas noodles are white noodles made from mung pea flour. You need to be soaked before cooking. They are cooking transparent and have no taste.

  • Egg noodles are noodles made of wheat flour and eggs. They are briefly boiled in salt water then fried or steamed.

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