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Herbs and Spices | Part 2

  • Cardamom is an Indian spice and added in some curry seasonings in Thailand. Sometimes the leaves are used.

  • Coriander: In the Thai cuisine is the root, the leaves and the seeds of the plant are used. The herb is scattered as plentiful as the parsley over the food. Therefore it is also called "Chinese parsley".
  • Tip:
    Coriander herb can grow by yourself. Scatter, press and hold the moist seed on wet ground. After a few weeks you can harvest fresh cilantro herb.

  • The Coriander root plays a role similar to parsley root.

  • Cumin is often in Thai spice paste.

  • Curcuma tastes like ginger and slightly bitter. The yellow root is used in Thailand primarily in dyeing. As a spice, curcuma is usually finely ground and used plenty.

  • Pandan leaves are for flavor of desserts, pastries and drinks. Because of its beautiful green color, they are also popular for garnishing. Unfortunately, rarely available.

  • The Tamarind is a sour legume that are obtainable as strong brown colored liquid or as pressed block tamarind puree in Asia stores. It soaked 1 tablespoon of the pressed mass about 15 minutes in 2 tablespoons of hot water. The mass knead briefly and percolation fluid. It may be used for cooking. If necessary, can be replaced by tamarind vinegar or lemon juice.

  • Cinnamon is used in Thai cooking primarily as cinnamon sticks.

  • Lemon leaves are boiled like laurel with the food. You can replace them with lemon peel.

  • Lemon grass is a reed-like plant with lemon-like flavor. Are mostly used only the bottom 10 -13 cm. It removes the outer layers and cut the white interior into slices, chop it finely or pounding it in a mortar. When using the whole stalk you knock these soft with the back of a knife and cook it with the whole. Remove before serving. Lemon grass is in Asia shops also known as "Sereh". Dried lemon grass is very tasteless.

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