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Fruits and vegetables | Part 1

  • Pineapples are often used for sweet and sour dishes.

  • Eggplants are available in numerous variants of the pea-sized, Makuea, to the known to us, large purple fruits.

  • Bamboo shoots are usually only available in cans. They are cut into strips, slices or cubes.

  • Bananas come in countless varieties. Banana leaves are used for wrapping food.

  • The bitter gourds are light green fruit with shriveled skin. It is also called Karella or balsam pear. In Thailand, the leaves are used too.

  • Chinesische mushrooms >> shiitake mushrooms

  • Chinese radish is a white, mild tasting radish, which is very popular.

  • The Durian is about a head-sized spiny fruit with a white, creamy inside. It's smell is very peculiar, which is why it is a pleasure for lovers.

  • Guavas are plum to pear large, sweet-tart fruit. They are eaten raw or cooked.

  • The Jack fruit is a fleshy, juicy, sweet fruit that recalls the taste of figs. The seeds are similar in taste and chestnuts are eaten raw, dried or cooked.

  • The Kaffir-Lime is a lime with thick, wrinkled skin and little pulp. Their flavor is incomparable! Are used to flavor the dish and also with the leaves.

  • The coconut plays a big role in Thai cuisine. The amniotic fluid of young green coconuts is a popular soft drink. The ripe nut provides the white, fatty flesh from which the coconut milk or cream used versatile produced. In Asia, coconut milk and coconut cream shops are offered. Coconut cream is thick, almost spreadable consistency. Coconut milk and coconut cream in the refrigerator are about as durable as fresh milk, residues can also be frozen.
  • Lychees are sweet, tropical fruits with milk-white flesh and red-brown, leathery shell. They can be eaten raw or stewed.

  • Longans are a cherry-sized fruits with a brown shell. They are available in cans.

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