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Fruits and vegetables | Part 2

  • The Cowpea are up to 50 cm long and taste like our green beans. Cowpea can also be replaced by the beans.

  • Mangetoutes >> Sugar peas

  • The Mangosteen: is an exotic fruit with bright, juicy pulp, which is divided into segments, thus tastes delicately tart and refreshing.

  • The Mu-Err is a black tree fungus with cartilaginous structure. Only dried. Before processing, they are soaked in water for 1-2 hours and then rinsed thoroughly.

  • The Palm heart is the young leaves of palm trees. Looks like thick, smooth asparagus pieces. Sold only in cans.

  • The Pak Soi is a popular type cabbage with white stem and large dark green leaves. It can be replaced by chard or cabbage.

  • The Papaya is a pear-shaped tropical fruit with a thin skin and juicy, red flesh. Ripe fruits taste best with a little lime juice and sugar cooked, unripe fruits are prepared as vegetables.

  • The Rambutan is a related to the lychee fruit with reddish spiny shell. The flesh tastes sweet and aromatic. Most canned. Rarely fresh.

  • The Shiitake mushrooms are used both fresh and dried. They have an intense, smoky flavor. Fresh mushrooms should buy only shortly before consumption, because they spoil quickly. The hard, tough stems are removed prior to the preparation. Shiitake mushrooms can be replaced by mushrooms. Dried shiitake mushrooms must be soaked for about 15 minutes in water before use.

  • The soy bean sprouts can be bought fresh or in a can. They can also be self-germinate from mung beans.

  • The Straw mushrooms are grown on rice straw. These have a moldy aroma and are available with us only as canned goods. Prior to the preparation they need to be drained and washed.

  • The Sugar peas are a fragile vegetable that is only briefly swung into hot oil.

  • The Water chestnuts are only available in cans. They are the root ends of a water plant, and taste neutral to slightly sweet. They are famous for their crispy texture and used for savory and sweet dishes.

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