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Cooking products | Part 1

  • Oyster sauce is a thick sweet-salty-tasting dark brown seasoning sauce from oyster extract which is almost unlimited.

  • Chili sauce is a seasoning sauce made of chili peppers sugar and vinegar with a sweet and sour taste. It is used to flavor many kind dishes.

  • Chinese pickled vegetables vegetables is also offered under the name of "Szechuan-Pickles" in Asia stores. The salted vegetables, such as of cabbage, cucumber radish and ginger, tastes savoury to spicy.

  • Salted beans obtained in Asia stores in cans. The brown or black beans are preserved by salting and give dishes a distinct flavor.

  • Peanut oil is a heat-resistant oil with a slightly nutty flavor that is particularly well suited for frying.

  • Fish sauce is a clear brown sauce made from fish and shrimp concentrate. It is to taste the food and also used as a salt substitute.

  • Dried prawns are orange-red colour. The small, shelled shrimps are soaked before use in hot water.

  • Shrimp paste is made from fermented shrimp and salt. It is used mainly to flavor fish dishes. Offered in cans.

  • Palm Sugar is made from the juice of coconut or palm sugar and has a distinct taste of its own. It is offered as a block or in a glass and can be melted or grated. The dark brown, sticky sugar can be replaced with brown sugar.

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