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Important Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances such as a chopping knife and a mortar with a pestle

In order to cook Thai, you do not need extraordinary kitchen equipment.
Few kitchen appliances are adequate:
  • Purpose of the device in this country already in use wok, a general-purpose high-walled pan of thin metal is the bottom curvature fits into the intended hobs. Due to its large cooking surface of the wok is ideal for cooking method of frying pan stirring. For Western kitchens are woks heavy, flat bottoms that are suitable for the electric cooker. For gas range cookers, a metal ring included on the semi-circular wok hold finds. A deep pan (as specified in the recipe), preferably cast iron, for all preparations can be used as an alternative in a wok.

  • Usually for a suitable wok ladle is supplied their shape perfectly to the curvature of the wok adapts.

  • In a Thai household never lacks the mortar, which is needed for the preparation of dry curry blends and spice pastes. If necessary, it can be replaced with a coffee grinder or blender.
  • For steaming successive matching bamboo baskets are used, in which one simultaneously on different floors can cook different dishes gently. They are prepared in a wok or a deep pan, which is filled with water and sealed. Bamboo baskets are available in Asian shops.

  • In Thailand, for steaming are also used vapors pots made of metal, which are used with metal inserts.

  • Essential for the Thai food is also a medium-sized cast-iron Dutch oven with tight-fitting lid.

  • The Mongolian hot pot, which is also available from us is less for the preparation at the table (as you know from the Chinese fondue), but for holding soups hot. A hot pot has a chimney in the middle and is heated with charcoal. It is decorative, but not absolutely necessary.

  • In Thailand to eat a spoon and a fork is used. Chopsticks are used only for noodles.

  • When packaging of ingredients for steaming banana leaves are used. Also suitable as a replacement is aluminum foil.

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