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Holiday-activities on Koh Pha-ngan

Updated on 28.07.2016 [ ๒๘. ๐๖. ๒๕๕๙ ]

Koh Pha-ngan is full of recreational and outdoor opportunities. Most of them for a few baht. Rich coral reefs along the north-west coast of the island which has a living underwater world. They make it an excellent place for diving and snorkelling at one of the cheapest and least crowded places in Thailand. There are excursions by boat around the island and a wide range of water sports such as kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and fishing.

The island has many acres of pristine tropical rainforest and jungle. There are mountain hikes to the summit of Khao Ra and coastal walks, which enable circumnavigate the whole island. There are also several Thaiboxing schools, gyms and Thaiboxing stadiums in Thongsala and Haad Rin. Koh Pha-Ngan is perfectly suitable for bicycle rides around the island. If you are an experienced motorcyclist Koh Pha-Ngan offers some wonderful trips on different tracts. There are also many temples. Wellness and Meditation Centres offers recreation and relaxation for body and mind.


Warning on a Sign at the harbor of Thongsala:
To all the tourists visiting the island of Pha-Ngan! Please be aware that all Thais and foreigners being caught buying drugs, use or sell will be severely punished.

Lieutenant colonel in the police of Koh Pha-Ngan Charoon Uchuparp

Warning 1
Warning 2

Worthwhile excursions (in preparation)
Waterfall "Phaeng" and "Than Nam Rak"

More information hopefully this year (2014)! :-)
Waterfall "Than Sadet"

More informations hopefully this year (2014)! :-)
Excursion goal:  Pha-Ngan Place - Home Made Ice Cream

Pha-Ngan Place - Home Made Ice Creme
Pha-Ngan Place - Home Made Ice Cream is on the road from Thongsala to Phaeng Waterfall.
Ice cream such as in Pha-Ngan Place Home Made Ice Cream is a dream!

Diving (PADI & SCUBA) & Snorkel

Dive Flag   Koh Pha-Ngan is an excellent place for diving and snorkeling. You will also find many dive sites and a relaxed and professional Attitude to the sport. Diving groups are usually small, with usually four to ten people. Along the west coast there is a living coral reef which many species of fishes. There are many beach-dive courses and the areas are easily accessible to snorkellers. Koh Pha-Ngan is to learn a very economical place for diving and of course for experienced divers.

The SCUBA and PADI Open Water courses offer you the best rates in the world with courses up to instructor level. The best thing about all the situation, as Koh Pha-Ngan is only 20 km from the best dive sites in the Golf of Thailand.

There are several options for those who want to learn how to dive. From a one-day introductory course, whether you like it, to PADI or SCUBA Open Water Diver certificate. The certificates are internationally recognized qualifications to enable you to dive anywhere in the world.

For experienced divers there are a variety of courses such as Rescue Diver, Emergency First Response, and even Enriched Air Nitrox for those who want even deeper than 30 meters. There are also dive master courses for those who want to take the first step to a professional diving.

Please contact us if you want to do dive trips and / or snorkelling. Both can be combined beautifully. We can help you to organize and book!

Dive sites around Koh Pha-Ngan
Dive sites around Koh Pha-Ngan

More informations:
Internet: Dreamland Diver
Tel: +66-(0)77-238735


Kayaking Kayaks can be rented at most beaches per hour for 60 THB and 100 THB. Keep in mind while protecting your skin from the sun when you're out on the kayak. The tropical sun also acts on the water much more intense! Ask even after the life jackets and take them with plenty drinking water. Sunset cruises are not recommended because later in the dark (e.g. new moon) a policy is virtually impossible. Another danger is to be driven by currents and tides - it can sometimes be easy to paddle in one direction, but very hard to come back again.

Along the west coast of Wok Tum up to Koh Ma, the sea is usually calm and enables to paddle from beach to beach. In case of strong waves you should not go too far out. Other popular routes are between Thong Nai Pan and Haad Khuat (Bottle Beach) or from Chaloklum to Khuat Haad. But also from Haad Rin it is easily possible to search for Haad Khontee and then paddle to Haad Thian and Haad Yuan. But do not go too late to take a day out at such tours.

Please contact us if you want to reserve kayaks. We can also help you to plan and organize this tour!


Kitesurfing on Koh Pha-Ngan The Kitesurf Asia is, thanks to the extensive range of equipment and professional trainers, the best place to kitesurf. Individual instruction from beginning to end. The courses are taught in English, German, and Thai.

The equipment has all requirements of the students in all wind conditions. A large selection of Kites from 1.8 m to 16m and boards of 140cm to 179cm. All kites are replaced twice a year for new ones.

Internet: www.kitesurfing-kohphangan.com
Address: Ban Tai Road 100/46, Moo 1, Koh Pha-ngan 84280, Thailand


Fishing at the pier Fishing can be arranged usually easy and it usually takes only a short ride in a longtail boat to go to a fishing spot nearby. A hand reaches out fishing in general. If you can but would rather go fishing with a real fishing rod for sale in some shops Thongsala the acceptable rods and equipment. If you are ready for the boat ride at night, you can easily hit the best places and so 20 kilo mackerel catch with the net or pull a 10-pound barracuda on board. A grill should be easy to manage.

On the coast to fish from the rocks or a pier in Bantai also should provide a good catch. But before they ask where you can go fishing as there are places where it is strictly forbidden (e.g. around Koh Ma).

Do not forget the sunscreen and bring with yourself sufficient drinking water. Don't destroy the corals with a fishing-flasher or a ground rod.

Chaloklum is known throughout the region for the dried squid. A delicacy for the Thais. If you look after dark on the west coast of the sea you will see hundreds of flash lights of the fishing boats catching squid.

Please contact us if you are looking for fishing equipment. We can also help you to plan and organize fishing trips here!

Sailing & Windsurfing

Sailing on Koh Pha-Ngan There are only on Koh Samui places where can rent boats for sailing. Possible routes could be, for example, trips around the island or to the islands of Ang Thong National Marine Park.


Mountainbiking with Mike and Silke Mountain bikes can be hired in most places. The quality varies very true, but there are already some sensible wheels meet the general requirements. For those who stay longer, there are several shops on Koh Samui sell branded wheels. The wheels can usually before you go home, again be sold. The rents are between 80 THB 120 THB per day - the prices are negotiable if you are renting on a monthly basis.

Apart from the road from Ban Khai to Thongsala and the road to Haad Yao, the island is predominantly hilly. Prepare therefore on hard work ahead if you want to explore the mountainous roads. Always ride with a bicycle helmet and remember to carry enough water and sun cream.

There are no official mountain bike trails, but not cemented any way in the mountainous areas guaranteed a good trip, especially to the streets Thong Nai Pan and Than Sadet. Otherwise, there is a lot to discover, you can simply roll wheels. For lighter trips you just stay in the area around Thongsala. A good way would be for example the route to the Phaeng waterfall, where you can also see the Jade Buddha and then to Sri Thanu and Laem Son Lake, along the coast road before it goes back to Thong Sala.


Close to Thong Sala there is a paintball place with an area of 3200m². There are 6 games to choose from: 'Capture the flag', 'defend your base', 'free for all', 'rabbit hunt', 'find the flag', 'defend your man' is the one with up to 12 people to any time to play. The course is suitable for professionals or beginners. You can play all day for only 300 THB per person. There is also a really cool bar with good music and great atmosphere.
Tel: +66-(0)8-18046059 oder +66-(0)77-377300


Fitnessclub Jungle Gym The Jungle Gym Fitness Club offers a wide range and an excellent selection of fitness equipment, fitness programs, yoga, and offers personal fitness training. Since more 12 years there are trainings in Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) who has originated many fighters. There are male and female trainers to offer the professional lessons for all levels and know-how. The original studio in Haad Rin also offers daily courses Power Yoga from 13:00 o'clock until 15:00 o'clock.

Internet: Jungle Gym
Tel: +66-(0)77-375115

Beach Soccer Cup

Beach Soccer Cup In the short time in the Beach Soccer Cup held tournaments in Haad Rin. These tournaments have found many supporters. Meanwhile with many local teams and many guest-teams. The monthly tournaments will take place in front of a large crowd and last four days. Each team consists of at least 6-11 players. Five of these players are on the field and the rest is sitting on the bench. Everyone is welcome to participate in the tournaments begin five days before the Full Moon Party.12:00 o'clock can be registered as participant and from 14:00 o'clock then the games begin and terminating then at sunset.

If you don't belong to any team and any other individuals or small groups the organizers will help to assemble a group of players. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of the "Beach Soccer Cup" The whole event is great fun, with international participants. Even for those who prefer to watch from the tribune. Finally, there is an awards ceremony with prizes from sponsors and they will give to the winners of the Cup's a cash prize.

Contact: Mr. Heinz (the organizer) +66-(0)8-70107692

Thaiboxing (Muay Thai)

Koh Pha-Ngan, like the rest of Thailand, love the Thai-boxing. There are three stadiums. One in Thongsala, one in Haad Rin and one in Thong Nai Pan. This means you are easily able to see, during your stay on Koh Pha-Ngan, a Muay Thai fight.

There are usually about six fights in one night. With boxers from Koh Pha-Ngan, from the mainland and a few farang (foreigners). To find out when the next big Boxing take place you should look for pickups with large posters and loudspeakers with unmistakable announcements. Admission is usually 350 THB.

If you want to learn the noble art of Muay Thai, there are a few good schools on Koh Pha-Ngan with English speaking instructors and a very good equipment.


In Tongsala, at the entrance to the pier of the Lomprayah ferry and the Seatran ferry an aerobics workout takes place six days a week. From 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. . On the covered space you will see nice ladies who organize this trainings for free and show how to really exploit yourself. Donations are gladly accepted, of course.

Elephant Trekking

Elephant Trekking On Koh Pha-Ngan there are two Elephant Trekking camps. The first is located near the fishing village Chaloklum, the second near Bantai on the road to Thong Nai Pan. Treks are offered with a duration of half hour for 500 THB and a whole hour for 800 THB. The trek are through the jungle of Koh Pha-Ngan to beautiful view points from where one can see, for example, on the tops of the trees deeper Koh Tao and Koh Samui.

Mu Ang Thong National Park

Ang Thong National Park Mu Koh Angthong National Park is a collection of about 40 islands in the Gulf of Thailand, about 35 miles west of Koh Samui and Koh Pha-Ngan in the district of Koh Samui, Suratthani. Most of these islands have beaches of very fine and white sand. Some islands have colorful coral reefs. Mu Koh Angthong National Park is very charming and it covers an area of about 102 square kilometers.

Genesis of the National Park
The Ang Thong islands were once a restricted zone of the Royal Thai Navy and they had there a plan to build a base for securing of the Thai Gulf. Somboon Wongpakdee, an academician of the National Park Division, published in the edition of the daily Thairath 29 June 1972 a documentary entitled "Angthong lslands: Marine National Park". He suggested that the Angthong islands should be declared a national park because they harbor several species of birds such as terns. This corresponded with an already existing initiative of the National Park Division and the National Park Committee. On 22 October 1975 requested the Office of Forestry as the Angthong Marine National Park islands to be added. This was adopted in the same year in a resolution.

Thai Massage Courses

Thai Massage Courses After a one-hour Thai massage you will feel relaxed and refreshed! If you understand really the principles of Thai massage and learn more than 100 art skills and styles it will be a course to learn the traditional Thai massage and is just the thing.

A course lasts, depending on how quickly you learn the skills, up to a week. It consists of 30 hours including a final examination and a certificate.

One focus of the Thai massage, which is also for the Thais very popular, and is the stretching and relaxing the muscles and the entire body. The origin goes far back in history and is based on fundamentals of the Indian Ayurveda.

If you want to assign a course we are happy to help in mediating.

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