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The Buddhism

Updated on 02.08.2015 [ ๐๒. ๐๘. ๒๕๕๘ ]

The Buddhism is one of the world's great religions. Yet it differs from the others in one important point. There is no god in Buddhism, could worship the one, because Buddha reached nirvana after the Buddhist doctrine. This is no place in the general sense, but rather a condition - without the possibility of contact out or in..

Consequently Buddha hear no prayers or even take affect this world. Nirvana is the end of all evil, all suffering, and thus the goal of every Buddhist. But to achieve this we need many thousands of lives, and only those who have reached the perfect stage, as Buddha himself, who can reach nirvana. The circumstances appear to ordinary mortals nirvana unreachable.

The early lives of Buddha

According to the Buddhist view, only one become a Buddha - and then reach nirvana - who has acted in accordance with his previous existences. The turn is the preliminary stage to the Buddha Bodhisattwa. So you have to assume that the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama has had many lives before his "Buddha-life."

Three of these are particularly nice pronounced handed - if you can speak it at all, "assignable" from a tradition. It is therefore legends that are taught in Buddhism. Since we have first of all, "the story of Sumedha, the holy youth, who was reborn after 100,001 eons in India as the Buddha Shakyamuni.".

Therefore lived "a long, long time in a world long past" a Brahmin named Sumedha. Who lived in the city of Amara. But the time that has passed since then, is not to describe with more centuries or millennia. "It was," says the legend, "a hundred thousand world cycles and four immeasurable ages of the world." Even then made this Brahmin similar thoughts in his later life before enlightenment the Buddha. And then it was just a time of a Buddha was on earth.

As this was expected with his procession, the people set to work to prepare the way for him. He finally came, and Sumedha noticed on the way, would go to the Buddha, a mud puddle. As the Buddha drew near unstoppable, he threw himself in front of him, with his face down on the ground - in the mud puddle - and asked the saint to dismiss with his followers over him, so they would not be spotted. Dipankara that was the former Buddha, behaved in his step and turned to the crowd, saying: "Behold these ascetics full high eager atone! In countless aeons, this hermit a sublime Buddha and turn the wheel of the Dharma in the world! just as I do today! "

Continuing his innumerable incarnations Sumedha was eventually reborn as Prince Vishvantara. He was popularly known by his generosity, he could not turn down one suitor. When he finally did the sacred white elephant of his father, the king, gave away, he had to leave the royal palace and moved with his wife and two children in the solitude of the forest.

During the hermit life spent here he gave his two children and his wife. Whether this, in the Buddhist sense, good deed of God Shakra made sure that he got back his wife and children in a glorious way to the royal palace came back, while also Vishvantara moved with his wife again.

The Bodhisatta in the sky of the Tushitagods

The third and final speech coming here for the most recent reincarnation of Buddha finally spent in the heaven of the Tushitagods. Because all of its preconditions were fulfilled to be the Buddha. And thanks to its virtue merit he lived there himself as God. But even that is already back infinity. His existence as Tushitagod was a very, very long time. - As the legend tells it.

At that time it was on earth, that it becomes a "Buddha-riot".There are three different types of riots, which can occur on Earth. One of them is the "cyclical turmoil," announcing the impending apocalypse. And the second the "world rulers-riot".This announces the arrival or birth of a monarch who will rule the whole world. Then there's a "Buddha-riot" that predicts the soon appearance of a new Buddha in the world. And such broke out as the Bodhisattva (the prospective, future Buddha Siddharta) stayed as a God in heaven the Tushitagods.

"The gods were aware of ten thousand world systems of announced by the Four Heavenly Kings the Buddha uproar, they determined that of all beings should attain Buddhahood. So they turned to the Bodhisattva and implored him to keep up his high aspirations."

So the messengers of the Gods of the ten thousand world systems said to the Bodhisattva: "Venerable! When you operated the Ten Perfections, because your not operated, to gain the glory of a ruler of gods or men. You did it certainly, omniscience in order to gain the redemption of the world.. Venerable, now the time has come for your Buddhahood."

The Bodhisattva examined precisely the conditions on earth, whether they correspond to the arrival of a new Buddha, before he finally decided to be reborn as a Buddha on earth to be. Even picking out the suitable continent, the countryside and the appropriate mother out.

When this was done everything, He turned to the gods and said: "Venerable! You are right: The time has come for my Buddhahood." Then he dismissed all the gods and messengers of the ten thousand world systems, and went, accompanied only by the gods of the Tushita Heaven, to Nandana grove in the Tushita capital.Here he wanted to die.

As he listened to the other gods in the recitation of the long line of his merits, began his life of him to give way - like a flower that withered. His face was pale and he passed away of his existence in the Tushita Heaven.

All this is a nice and interesting legend, you believe it or not believe it. It is not different, as when we read the stories of Christianity in the Old Testament, that should have been played in the sky of the Christ of God. And should be born at the time when the Buddha on earth, wrote one on earth in about the year 563 BC.

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