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Conditions and prices for houses rental

Updated on 19.12.2014 [ ๑๙. ๑๒. ๒๕๕๗ ]

Payment of the House
The payment of the House must be paid to the account of the lessor within one week after the online rental.

During the lease term
The lease agreement includes the use of the house and the use of the outside facilities. The tenant has to care thoroughly the leased facility. Damages have to be reported immediately to the lesser. The rental period follows from the reservation confirmation. Vehicles (mopeds) can not be parked right next to the houses. On the property we have within walking distance of homes. The entrance area has plenty of room for vehicles!

The rent doesn't include electricity and drinking water during the rental period. An internet access via Wireless LAN (while using your own notebook) is available. But we don't rent out notebooks or PC's. For longer renting of holiday homes, more than a month, also the changing of the gas bottles must be paid. This gas bottle is used for the gas stove in the kitchen!

Internet use (applies only when an internet connection will be made available)
The internet is used to surf the internet, sending and receiving e-mails, to chat and for internet telephony (Voice over IP). The permanent file download in larger quantities, for example through the use of P2P or Bittorrent programs or similar programs will not be granted. This also applies to streaming music or movies. Since the capacity of the lines are sometimes very variable and other holiday house residents want to use the internet as well, a fair behaviour is expected from all. For questions, please contact the landlords.

Additions to the contract
Additions or agreements have to be in written form.

The Prices
By sending an enquiry for one or more of the houses you accept these conditions and price.

Terms and Conditions
(Conditions and price for house rentals)
as PDF-document:
Terms and Conditions

The price of the houses

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