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Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Updated on 15.05.2012 [ ๑๕. ๐๕. ๒๕๕๕ ]

Of the people greatly admired monarch Rama IX.
Of the people greatly admired monarch Rama IX.

He is the longest serving monarch in the world and is revered by his people as a wise father of the nation. The Thai King has experienced in his 60 years on the throne 17 coups - and more.

He is just 18 years old, as is the American-born Bhumibol Adulyadej appointed entirely surprising for the ninth king of Thailand's Chakri dynasty. His older brother, Prince Ananda Mahidol, who had initially taken up the proper succession to the throne comes, died under mysterious circumstances: He is in the early morning of the 9th June 1946 found with a fatal gunshot wound in his bed. To this day, the events at that time in the king's palace are not clarified. Official sources say - if anything - only the "sudden and unexpected accidental death" Ananda.

Royal barge for the throne jubilee
Royal barge for the throne jubilee

The study in Switzerland
Although Bhumibol on the same day assumes the official succession to the throne, it will take another four years, until 1950, he is actually crowned King of Thailand. On Friday the 09.06.2006, marked the 60th Time the Jubilee of Bhumibol. During that time, an uncle takes up office, including Bhumibol be begun in Switzerland, studied political science and law at first. During this time he also met his future wife Sirikit.

1950 returns King Bhumibol Rama IX to his homeland. The wedding with Sirikit and shortly afterwards coronation celebrations on 5th May 1950 make headlines worldwide. Quick is the young, good-looking man the darling of the international gossip magazines, who allegedly loves fast cars and beautiful women.

Jazz performances with Armstrong, Ellington and Goodman
But the tabloid press is disappointed with the young monarch: Although he is a passionate sailor, photographer and jazz fan - occurs even himself as a saxophonist with jazz greats such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman - he takes his role as a royal leader from the start, very seriously.

The majority of the year Bhumibol spends his country to travel and go to countless development and social projects to life. As a recognized expert in irrigation forms he cares for the construction of irrigation facilities, he also cares for the environment, advocates for better health care, thereby gaining a reputation as the highest development worker in Thailand.

Shelter for dissidents in the royal palace
Although the Thai constitution, the powers of the king severely limits Bhumibol discourages in times of crisis and not shy away from political interference: In the 1970s, he granted dissidents in his royal palace shelter from persecution by violent military. In the early 1990s he forces after the bloody suppression of protests in a televised audience, the people responsible for public genuflection - and therefore to resign.

His latest coup took place just weeks before the throne jubilee: After the parliamentary elections boycotted by the opposition in April 2006, the controversial Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra announced to the king, in an audience, to resign. Thaksin well founded his step so that the country needed to be united before the upcoming 60-year anniversary of the king's throne jubilee.

Hüter der thailändischen Demokratie
Here, the Thai people are united on this issue for a long time: King Bhumibol remains the leading figure in the country hold giving, which in the past 60 years 16 constitutions, experienced 17 coups and 24 prime ministers. And his subjects know that Bhumibol, even if he is out of the current political standing aside, always intervenes when Thailand's democracy is in grave danger.

Loved and revered Bhumibol is mainly because of its closeness to the people he represents, until recently, not only by his regular trips to the remotest corners of the country to demonstrate, but also by its now over two thousand social projects, which show that he welfare and because his subjects are a real concern.

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